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  • Lara
    Here I have to spend all day on my feet. Feet sweat, itching and redness, and an unpleasant odor. On the advice of a friend, I started using Fresh Fingers spray and everything went! Now there is no smell or irritation on my feet.
    Fresh Fingers
  • Miha
    He took a mushroom in the pool. My legs began to ache, and I could not go to the pool to avoid infecting others. Spray Fresh Fingers helped - I chose from the reviews on the Internet. After a few days of use, the discomfort disappeared and soon the fungus disappeared completely.
    Fresh Fingers
  • Nik
    I work for an hour, it is generally simply impossible to maintain foot hygiene. For this reason, the smell is unpleasant and even started some kind of itching. I got rid of all the problems with Fresh Fingers spray. Now I always take it with me and use it whenever possible.
    Fresh Fingers
  • Eva
    The whole family uses Fresh Fingers spray. Now it is very easy to catch a fungus, and we use this antifungal agent regularly to prevent it from happening. It's good to be cheap and easy to use - just spray your feet and that's it.
    Fresh Fingers
  • David
    I use Fresh Fingers spray for prevention. I go to the gym and the pool regularly. The doctor was afraid that the fungus would be too easy to infect and advised to use this spray. I'm not surprised - for several years the fungus did not stick to me, and my friends are always treated for it.
    Fresh Fingers
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