Experience of use Fresh Fingers

Experience of using Fresh Fingers spray from Oleg from Chisinau

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After moving to a new job, I began to have problems with my legs. The point is that in any weather it was necessary to follow the rules of dress and walk in closed shoes. My feet began to sweat a lot and began to smell, and then a fungus appeared. I tried different tools, but none of them helped. A colleague recommended Fresh Fingers spray, saying that after using it, you get rid of fungus and unpleasant odor. He also explained how to use it - you need to rub the substance on your legs from a spray box twice a day, morning and evening.

I decided to give it a try - and I had no regrets! Almost immediately I began to notice that the unpleasant odor had subsided and then disappeared completely. In the heat, my feet began to sweat less. And after about a month of use, the fungus disappeared completely - and the legs practically stopped smelling. Only bacteria, it turned out to be an infection - it gave my legs such an unpleasant odor.

I recommend this antifungal agent to anyone who wants to get rid of bad breath, peeling and fungus. Works quickly and efficiently, honestly!